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18 women at 1 men’s prison sacked over ‘inappropriate relationships with inmates’

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Emily Watson, Ayshea Gunn and Jennifer Gavan

As many as 18 female members of staff at HMP Berwyn prison have had their employment terminated over inappropriate relationships or sexual activity with prisoners since the prison opened in 2017. Journalists began submitting Freedom of Information requests after 3 female officers were imprisoned in separate cases earlier in the year.

The prison service announced anti-corruption training was targeted to over 500 staff at the prison in the last 18 months after the conviction of one of their officers.

It added in a statement: “Our frontline staff are nothing short of heroes – undergoing an extremely tough and demanding job day-in day-out to get criminals back on the straight and narrow and keep our streets safe.

“It is for their sake we will never tolerate those few officers who think they are above the law. That’s why our newly bolstered Counter Corruption Team is working around the clock to root out and clamp down on those who undermine our exemplary service with their dangerous behaviour and ensure they face the strongest possible consequences for their crimes.”

Emily Watson
Emily Watson was handed a 12 month sentence

The first of the 3 landmark cases were that of Emily Watson, 26, who entered into a sexual affair with drug dealer John McGee, handed an 8 year sentence for causing death by dangerous driving while attempting to flee from police. They engaged in sexual intercourse in his cell on multiple occasions including on Christmas Day.

The duo made use of a hidden iPhone 6 concealed in a Playstation console, and Watson would routinely forward him sexual photos and videos of herself. Mold Crown Court heard that the 26-year-old prison officer, from Huddersfield, was ‘naive’ and believed she was in love with McGee. She received a 12 month sentence.

Ayshea Gunn
Ayshea Gunn, 27

Ayshea Gunn, 27, working on behalf of the probation service within the prison when she began a relationship with Khuram Razaq sentenced for armed robbery.

The duo would send each other highly sexualised and pornographic photos and videos, and even live streamed themselves engaging in sexual activity. Gunn was found to have handed some of her underwear to Razaq in the jail.

Ayshea Gunn kissing Khuram Razaq
Gunn kissing Razaq

When police were investigating, they found photos of the couple kissing and hugging, and some of this transpired within the prisoner’s cell. The officer also gave Razaq intimate information regarding search tactics employed by prison officials.

Jennifer Gavan
Jennifer Gavan received an 8 month sentence

Jennifer Gavan began an intimate relationship with Alex Coxon, convicted for robbery. They would kiss, talk on WhatsApp, and she agreed to smuggle phones into the prison.

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