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Abbkr ‘set Muslims on fire outside mosques’

Mohammed Abbkr

Mohammed Abbkr, 28, of Edgbaston, Birmingham, stands accused of spraying a substance over two elderly male Muslims and setting them alight near mosques in Ealing and Birmingham. He has been charged with two counts of attempted murder.

Abbkr appears to be caught on CCTV //THEINDEPENDENTCONTENT

In Ealing, an 82 year old men was set alight on February 27th, and was hospitalised with sever burns to his face and arms. West Midlands Police allege Abbkr approached the man, conversed with him, and as they both left the West London Islamic Centre, doused him in petrol and savagely set him alight.

In Edgbaston, Birmingham, Mohammed Rayaz was approached outside the mosque. Again, he too conversed with Abbkr before being doused in petrol and set alight, suffering severe burns to his face and arms. Police later linked the two incidents and alerted Counter Terrorism.

Mohammed Abbkr set Mohammed Rayaz alight
Mohammed Rayaz

Following the suspect’s arrest, Chief Superintendent Sean Wilson, of the Met’s West Area Command, said: “We completely understand the shock that resonated throughout the community following this incident.”

He continued: “Despite a man having been arrested, we continue to be vigilant and urge local people to do the same. Highly visible patrols around Singapore Road will continue in the coming days to provide reassurance to local people and I urge anyone who is concerned to approach officers.”

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