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Adimado ‘took 37 videos up children’s skirts, of sexual assault, and exposure’

Carl Adimado

Carl Adimado, 34, of Enfield, has been sentenced to four years and six months imprisonment for a total of 37 acts of ‘up-skirting’ minors, sexual assaults, and indecent exposure. He has an ‘extended license’ of an additional 3 years and 6 months of police and probation supervision, is on the sex offenders register for life, in addition to a sexual harm prevention order to tighten his restrictions.

Carl Adimado was made aware to the police after an allegation was made at his place of work. At a supermarket near Seven Sisters Road, a woman accused him of recording up her skirt, and CCTV proved there to be sufficient evidence to arrest him.

Officers quickly realised there was great likelihood this was a pattern of behaviour and not an isolated innocent, therefore they examined further CCTV of Adimado and this revealed a further 16 offences in a single day.

Officers forensically examined his phone and discovered a stash of indecent images of minors, videos of him engaging in indecent exposure, and sexual assaults of schoolgirls in uniform as they travelled to school.

By examining their uniforms police identified the children and their schools and they were interviewed with their parents present, allowing Adimado to be charged with a further 21 offences, making a coutn of 37.

The end sentence relates to 22 counts of up-skirting; five counts of sexually assaulting a child; four counts of exposure; two counts of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child; two counts of sexual assault and two counts of making indecent photographs of a child.

PC Lee Ravens of the Met’s Predatory Offender Unit said: “Carl Adimado is a predatory offender who has committed a variety of indecent offences, in high volume, against women and girls. He was clearly not going to stop until caught.

This case clearly demonstrates the need for offences of this type to be reported to police. Just one brave woman coming forward has made it possible for us to remove a dangerous and callous sex offender from the community where he was offending against women and schoolgirls, as well as to identify and support other brave yet vulnerable victims.

I applaud her actions and hope that this case encourages other women to come forward and report incidents of this type in the knowledge that such reports will be taken seriously and investigated fully. If you have been a victim of any level of sexual assault, please do report it to police, at the very least so that we can support you – at best so that we can also remove predators to a place where they are no longer a danger to women and girls.”

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