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Ali Al-Haithan ‘violated women for decades’

Ali Al-Haithan

Ali Al-Haithan of London, a teacher, who often goes by the name Allen, has been accused by hundreds of women of sexual assault across decades. A public appeal has been launched by those who have been victimised by him. It is believed he has previous convictions for sexual crimes.

Al-Haithan has been accused of sexually abusing females, some that are minors, in busy public venues where they are unable to escape. This has occurred in concerts, festival, premiers, red carpet events, and public transport. As this is a crime against strangers, the public are unclear if Ali Al-Haithan is his real name, but he has been seen to introduce himself as ‘Allen’.

Al-Haithan has also been seen to actually accuse innocent men in the crowd of committing the same crime as him, in a ruse to win his potential victim’s trust, and move people blocking him from his potential victim in the process. This has caused men great distress and embarrassment, and numerous men have come forward to complain about him.

He is an older man, believed to be in his 50s-60s, likely of Tanzania descent, and has taught English as a Second Language for a profession.

Information has come forward, that he has a history of taking ‘candid’ photos and videos of women without their knowledge, including ‘upskirting’.

If you have any more information about Ali Al-Haithan, have been victimised by him, or have any significant information to share, please reach out to Jabari.Cubane@tgmco.uk. We are currently gathering more information on this matter.

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