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Alshammari ‘kidnapped and raped 2 women from nightclub’

Dhari Alshammari

Badr Alhadidi, 39, of Talbot Road, Birmingham, and Dhari Alshammari, 27, of Hester Road, Wandsworth, were convicted of the kidnap and rape of two women, in crimes that stemmed from a night out in Vauxhall.

At a nightclub along Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, Alhadidi and Alshammari targeted the victim’s on the dancefloor, and CCTV evidence clearly showed them pouring alcohol into glasses and waiting for them outside the women’s toilets.

When leaving the venue, CCTV shows them pushing them into vehicles, forcefully manhandling them, and having to hold them upright as they clearly couldn’t stand on their own.

The men took the women to an address at Beauchamp Mansions, Kensington. More CCTV footage shows Alshammari drag one of the victims along the floor as they then collapse in the doorway. He then rapes one of them inside.

Later in the day, Alhadidi took the women into a petrol station in London and left them there on their own. CCTV footage shows them still falling over dangerously into traffic and struggling to walk onwards to their home addresses.

When reporting the assault to the police they could not remember parts of their evening, but did remember being pinned down in a car and being assaulted in a room.

In their police interviews, the men laughed and argued that both women were sober and desired the sexual activity.

Badr Alhadidi
Badr Alhadidi //METPRESS

Detective Constable Tony Larkin, who led the investigation, said: “Alhadidi and Alshammari are two predators who set out that night with only one sinister intention in mind. They had a clear plan of how they were going to target the victim-survivors and thought they could get away with it. They’ve shown no remorse and have no idea how much harm and distress they have caused. The CCTV footage reviewed as part of our investigation was harrowing and showed real violence and monstrous treatment of the victim-survivors.

“I would like to thank the victim-survivors in coming forward and reporting this to police, they have been extremely brave. No matter when someone choses to report a rape or sexual assault, detectives will always listen to and support you.”

The men will be sentenced in May.

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