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Andrew Tate in High Court for ‘4 victims of rape and controlling and coercive behaviour’

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Andrew tate sued by four women

Andrew Tate, controversial influencer and ex-kickboxer, will appear in High Court due to four allegations from UK women claiming they were victims of rape, sexual abuse, and controlling and coercive behaviour.

The allegations stem from alleged crimes enacted between 2013-2016 when Andrew Tate as will living in the UK. The women’s’ lawyers say they presented the court papers to Tate on June 15th at his property in Bucharest, Romania, where he is currently on house arrest for human trafficking charges which he strenuously denies.

The women’s legal representatives, McCue Jury & Partners, claim depending on his response to their documents, they will start a civil case in the coming weeks. They are also crowdfunding to place pressure on UK authorities to launch a criminal investigation.

Tate has also strenuously denied these allegations, claiming these four women are bringing this action due to ‘grudges’ they have against him.

The action is significant, as Tate’s rebuttal to allegations his online content is mysoginistic, abusive, and harmful, is often that ‘no women have come forward to say a bad thing about him’.

They intend to raise £50,000 and are already nearly halfway there. After three claimed victims began crowdfunding in April, a fourth lady recently joined the legal case.

According to their attorneys, two of these ladies worked at Tate’s webcam company, while the third was in a personal relationship with him.

One of the women, who is part of the proceedings, said today: “After such a long fight for justice, it feels good to finally be taking a positive step forward.

“While this experience has been traumatic for us, we have taken strength in the fact we have decided to take a stand and are not alone. We hope that bringing this claim will encourage other people to speak out against their abusers, no matter how powerful they are.”

Tate was arrested in Hertfordshire in 2015 for rape and assault while running his pornographic business in Luton, but police did not proceed with the case.

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