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Aveleria ‘raped woman in and out of consciousness’

Eugenio Aveleria

Eugenio Aveleria, 29, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for raping a woman who was struggling to enter her own flat in Acton.

Eugenio Aveleria, approached the survivor, age 23, after she was unable to enter her Acton flat after work drinks.

She departed the bar on her own to return to her nearby residence but was unable to gain entry.

According to police, she was discovered unresponsive on the sidewalk outside the residence.

Aveleria discovered the victim outside the residence and initially asked if she needed assistance, but instead escorted her to his home on the same road.

When he returned to his residence, he took advantage of her unconscious state and violated her.

Aveleria then kicked her out at 4:00 a.m. on June 29, 2021.

After the savage sexual assault, the victim texted a coworker that she would be absent from work the following day because “something bad had happened.”

She contacted a Haven, a centre where victims of rape and serious sexual assault can receive support and guidance, and a police investigation was initiated.

Officers worked closely with the victim to determine Aveleria’s appearance and residence. Two days later, he was apprehended at his residence.

On Wednesday, May 15, the Isleworth Crown Court sentenced Aveleria, of Ealing, to 12 years and two months in prison.

He will also be permanently listed on the sexual offender registry.

DC Kevin Flynn, who led the investigation, said: “My team worked around the clock to ensure we could locate Aveleria as quickly as possible, preventing any further harm to the public.

“I would like to mention the victim who showed tremendous courage and strength to come forward and report such an abhorrent incident.

“It is my sincere hope that the bravery shown by the victim in this case will encourage all victims of sexual violence of any kind to speak to police. We will listen and support you throughout every step of the investigation.”

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