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Barking Abbey School under fire for ‘skirt length’

Barking Abbey

Barking Abbey School has had to fight a furor from parents that are unhappy with their ‘excessive policing’ of female’s skirt length. Parents have said they are ‘disgusted’ at the rules.

Sixth formers’ parents at Barking Abbey School received letters that outlined rules regarding their school uniforms, and the girls were made to attend an ‘assembly’ which communicated the same. Letters were not sent to male members of the student body.

The letters made it clear that skirt length “must be just above the knee and not any higher” and that tights are compulsory in the winter term.

One mother of a sixth former said: “When I drop my daughter off, I see boys with their trousers hanging down to their ankles.

“They’re allowed to walk around the school like that and yet [for] my daughter or her friends if they are walking around with skirts on – with tights – that’s an issue…

“I’ve seen schools moan about skirt length but in the 21st century should you actually be speaking about a woman’s skirt?”

The mother continued: “It’s disgusting… It makes [my daughter] feel like she’s the problem.”

This same mother described how one female was moved to tears after a male member of staff removed her from her lesson to discuss the length of her skirt.

A spokesperson for Barking Abbey School said that ‘the school already had a uniform policy for sixth form students, dictating what they are expected to wear’.

Another mother of a sixth former said her daughter was “really upset… that the boys had a separate talk”.

She said her daughter did not understand why the boys did not receive equivalent instructions.

The mother continued: “We just want better thought to go into this process before it’s happening in the middle of the year.

“Mocks are coming up, their exams are coming, this is not an issue I would want my daughter thinking about – her uniform and the way she looks.

“It doesn’t make her feel comfortable.”

The school spokesperson added: “Barking Abbey has a very large sixth form with over 600 pupils.

“We have high expectations of conduct, uniform, results and destinations.”

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