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Barking and Dagenham launch ‘precision stop and search’ in response to Suella Braverman’s recent comments

Barking and Dagenham stop and search

We recently discussed the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman’s recent instruction that police force’s ‘ramp up’ their use of controversial police powers to ‘stop and search’ members of the public. Her instruction follows Barking and Dagenham’s councillor Darren Rodwell’s claim he will evict residents with information about knife crime who do not co-operate with police, and after speaking to local residents, we’ve discussed how polarising it has been.

Starting today (21st June), the Metropolitan Police across Barking and Dagenham and Lambeth are piloting a scheme dubbed ‘precision stop and search’, where the aim is to effectively deploy police powers to search the public, but being mindful of the impact it will have on trust and confidence across ethnic minority groups.

Barking and Dagenham Neighbourhoods Superintendent David Rhodes had the following to say: “We know that stop and search saves lives and removes many weapons off the streets. We are also aware of the impact it can have on communities and the potential trauma it may cause.”

“We spoke with our communities. We met with the Leader of the Council, councillors, and our youth centres to talk about how we could actively improve stop and search. We were clear that we did not want to force this new pilot on the community but work with them on how we can improve stop and search.”

“We know that we have damaged confidence with our use of stop and search and we want to improve our interaction with our communities. Members of the public have reported feeling humiliated and often felt put on show by the use of stop and search, so our aim with this new pilot is to improve the way we stop and search.”

“The key elements of precision stop and search is neutrality-meaning listening to the person being stopped and hearing what they have to say. Respect-showing empathy and understanding during the stop and de-briefing-meaning taking the time after the search to explain further.”

Police officers stop and search a man
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To mitigate the impact on ethnic minorities as much as possible, the force claim to have provided effective training for officers involved in the pilot scheme, and expanded it to include officers based without school-based teams to increase usage across such areas.

“Most officers have volunteered for the new training and we have spoken at length with all our key partners across the area. This is a way to not only improve stop and search but also strengthen it.”

“We want to show the communities that we are listening to their concerns, we are listening to our young people and we want to build trust and confidence.”

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