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Barking man ‘impersonated police to scam elderly women’

Abdul Ha-Meen

Abdul Ha-Meen, 20, of Clare Gardens, Barking, has been imprisoned for spearheading a cruel scam that conned two elderly women out of thousands of pounds back in June 2021.

It began with a call to two elderly women where they pretended to be a ‘detective on behalf of the Metropolitan Police fraud squad’. They alleged there to have been a raid in Corby, Northamptonshire, and that £180k of counterfeit money had been seized.

The team sold the women a story of corruption that was transpiring within local banks, and they needed to enlist the aid of these vulnerable women to help them with a ‘secret’ investigation into it. With sophisticated methods, they convinced the two elderly women to withdraw nearly £8000 for their inspection, arranging for a courier to collect half of if the next day.

The following day, Ha-Meen turned up with the agreed passcode to collect the first half of the money, but luckily one of the women grew suspicious and decided to call the Metropolitan Police to check the ‘detective’s’ credentials, and of-course, he did not exist. Realising it was a con, she called Northamptonshire Police and they quickly launched an investigation, however, the next day the conmen phoned again and informed they would be coming to collect the remainder.

Unbeknownst to them, when they would arrive, police officers from the Economic Crime Unit would be waiting and ready to arrest them. Ha-Meen attempted to run, but he was caught and arrested.

At Northampton Crown Court this week (March 25), he was sentenced to three years and four months in prison.

Lead Investigator – Detective Sergeant Simon Seed, said: “These scammers have no morals and no ethics – they will cheat and lie their way into stealing as much money as possible and will have no issues leaving elderly people in financial difficulty as a result.

“This callousness is evidenced by the fact that the password set up in this case when the pick-up was being arranged was one of the women’s late husbands. This demonstrates the lack of decency and emotion they have and how they will do anything to con people out of money.

“Abdul Ha-Meem should be utterly ashamed of himself for being a part of a scam like this and I hope he reflects on this low-life behaviour during his prison sentence. Neither the police, your bank or any other trusted organisation will ever ask you to withdraw cash from your account, or move money to a safe account, or send someone to collect money from you.”

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