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Barking resident saves children from fire


Gediminas Radzeviaus, 39, saved the lives of two children handed down by their mother from the balcony of a burning building in Barking, London, in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Sadly, a boy, 11, could not be saved.

Radzeviaus’ fire alarm was triggered, and he realised this was caused by the flat opposite. He knocked on the door of the property and received no response leading him to promptly evacuate his own family.

“There was a lot of smoke coming from under the door,” he said. “Nobody opened the door and there was no sound coming from inside.”

Once outside, Gediminas saw three people shouting for help from the balcony of the burning flat.

Gediminas Radzeviau
Gediminas Radzeviau

“When the mother saw I was there and trying to catch them, she dropped them down to me.

“I caught the little girl first and then a boy. A woman jumped and fell on me and then another woman fell on the grass. There were two women, one older and one younger.”

He continued: “When these ladies jumped I tried to keep their heads and necks safe.

“I could only see four people from the window. I didn’t see the other boy.

Sadly, he discussed how his own son was friends with the kids he saved.

The boy who could not be saved, was described as a “happy” boy, with a love for football and Roblox.

One resident saw the events unfold and did describe Gediminas’ actions as heroic.

The neighbour said: “A man in the block next door caught the two kids when the lady released them from the balcony.

“He’s a hero. He saved their lives.

“He needs praising for what he did because he undoubtedly saved them.”

Another resident, named Dan, said the following:

“We heard screaming when it first happened.

“And then we saw a woman on the balcony talking to someone. I think she we on the phone to the emergency services.

“The fire brigade turned up within five minutes. She was still standing on the balcony on the phone to them when they arrived.

“I could see three or four people outside on the ground by that point, but there was too much smoke to see who they were.”

The fatal fire emerged from a second-floor flat, and roughly 40 firefighters were on the scene by 3:25am. Unconfirmed reports claim there to have been a family of four living there, with 2 adults and 2 children. A police cordon has been established around the affected block.

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