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Basildon’s Kombi ‘falsely claimed to have sex with women to engineer meetings’

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Kevin Kombi

Kevin Kombi, known as ‘kevkombi’ on Instagram, 29, of Beambridge, Basildon, has been sentenced to four years and 5 months imprisonment for messaging multiple women and claiming he, or someone else, had been sexually intimate with them as a ruse to then meet them. This violated a Sexual Risk Order previously imposed upon him.

Kevin Kombi goes by KevKombi on Instagram and has a significant social media following as a fitness influencer.

Kevin Kombi photo from his instagram kevkombi

These claims Kombi made via social media were untrue and it caused the women great harassment, alarm, and distress. The courts have now added him to the Sexual Offenders Register indefinitely and also imposed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order – which slightly differs to a Sexual Risk Order – for 20 years.

Kombi previously breached his SRO on 3 separate occasions, when he, again, sent messages to women saying he had sex with them and also watched others do the same without the person’s consent.

In this court matter, the first breach occurred in these same circumstances but he also used it to engineer a meeting with the woman, and both the meeting and the messages violated the SRO.

The second breach was due to Kombi refusing to notify police that he had a new mobile phone. He then attempted to avoid making police aware of this phone when he was arrested.

Detective Constable Emma Price, said: “Kevin Kombi has demonstrated that he cannot abide by the terms of the Sexual Risk Order that he knew he had to adhere to. His behaviour is extremely worrying and it is right that he has been held to account. Kombi is a highly manipulative individual and predatory in nature.

“I hope the action taken by the Met in this case shows our commitment to tackling violence against women and girls, specifically targeting predatory offenders. Our work to remove these sexual criminals from communities will only continue.”

The Sexual Harm Prevention Order prohibits Kevin Kombi from contacting women online, falsely alleging they engaged in sexual activity with him, and making financial advances for them to meet with him.

There are further restrictions that form part of the order related to online communications. Any breach of this SHPO will result in arrest and a possible 5 year term of imprisonment.

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