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Baygören’s murderer was on bail for Chadwell Heath stabbing

Ali Baygoren

Ali Baygoren, 17, was murdered in a stabbing outside of his home in Tottenham in June 2022. The ongoing trial has revealed his attacker was on bail for a stabbing in Chadwell Heath.

Baygoren’s accused attacker is a 16 year old male – who cannot be named due to his age – standing trial at the Old Bailey. He is also accused of stabbing a 14 year old male in Chadwell Heath in August 2021.

The Old Bailey heard how the defendant lived in a care home previously, where he stabbed a 14 year old boy who he accused of stealing his lighter.

The defendant called the boy a ‘liar’ and began lightly stabbing him in the leg causing him to bleed. The boy reported him to staff and the defendant brandished him a ‘snitch’, later requesting that they meet in private in Chadwell Heath.

The court heard that as they entered a concrete stairwell near the station, without warning, the defendant rushed towards him and knife him twice in the lower chest. He then fled as the knife was left lodged in the boy’s chest.

The boy managed to stagger outside, and as onlookers helped him, he said: “I can’t breathe, I’m gonna die”. The boy identified the defendant as his attacker telling police “he tried to kill me”. The 14 year old survived but has lasting health issues and is dealing with trauma.

The trial continues and is expected to last for over a month.

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