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B&D Officer Simon ‘stalked woman for a year’

Jonathan Simon

Metropolitan Police officer Jonathan Simon, part of a policing unit that serves Havering, Redbridge, Barking, and Dagenham, was sentenced to 16 weeks imprisonment suspended for 2 years for stalking. He will now face misconduct proceedings with the force where he will likely be sacked.

Jonathan Simon repeatedly visited the woman’s home and workplace. in what has been described as a ‘year-long campaign of harassment’. During this time he would also bombard her with messages and voicemails despite being repeatedly told to stop contacting her. After blocking him, he began to use his police phone.

Detailing one occasion, the officer put his hand on his victim’s face, making her feel ‘helpless, weak, and scared’, while using CCTV cameras to spy on her and telling her this in order to intimidate her. He then groped her bottom and demanded that she hug him.

The court heard that PC Simon tried to get the woman to engage in sex work when she was facing financial difficulty, even sending her pictures of the clothing she should wear.

Ch Supt Stuart Bell, responsible for policing in East Area Command Unit, said: “PC Simon’s behaviour was unwarranted, unwanted and caused significant concern to the victim.

“Our officers cannot behave like this and we will be proactive in identifying and taking positive action against those who do.

“Despite being repeatedly asked to stop he subjected the victim to a campaign of harassment which caused her considerable distress.”

In sparing him an immediate custodial sentence, the judge highlighted how it would impact his family.

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