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Brent’s Jolie Fortuna ‘placed minors at risk of sexual violence and robbery with OCG’

Brent's Jolie Fortuna

Brent’s Jolie Fortuna, also known as ‘Jolie P’, of 195 Harlesden Road, NW10 3SD, who attended Wac Arts College, was allegedly a key player in an organised crime group known as SocialNusense that was the largest organiser of illegal music events over the COVID-19 lockdown in London.

Brent’s Jolie Fortuna, under the SocialNusense OCG, stood accused of selling alcohol and drugs such as Ketamine and Cocaine to minors and created a dangerous environment that led to the sexual abuse of minors, in addition to the murder of Jason Nyarko.

Hundreds of people would attend their unlicensed music events that had little security, and a large percentage were minors. Many young girls spoke out about being sexually assaulted, and on several occasions people were held hostage and violently robbed for their money and electronics. The OCG did not care and continued to host events.

One girl, who was 16 at the time, describes how a man in his 40s brutally assaulted her after drugging her and leaving her in the road. The man was friends with the inner circle of SocialNusense and managed to isolate her from her friends.

Another girl, who was 17 at the time, describes how a man who appeared ’30-40′ held a knife to her stomach and ordered her to a corner of the venue and demanded that she give him oral sex. She said onlookers ‘cheered him on’ while people laughed and moved away from them to ‘leave them to it’.

Jolie Fortuna's Social Nusense

Their events were routinely shut down by police who would attend in large numbers due to the havoc they would wreak on local communities that were situated near the venues they would unlawfully use. One woman, who works for the NHS, describes having to change her shift patterns as SocialNusense affected her ability to sleep.

There were ‘makeshift’ bars where people could buy alcohol and drugs via electronic card readers that made use of the Stripe platform.

Jolie Fortuna, or Jolie P, has spoke openly about her abuse of drugs, and was allegedly excluded from mainstream education for violence. She claims this was due to ‘bullying’ she experienced.

The death of Jason Nyarko sparked outrage within the rave community, and a whisteblower within the camp went on social media and YouTube to ‘out’ Jolie P throughout 2021-2022, posting evidence that she spearheaded the organised crime group and that Nyarko’s death was in part, due to a disagreement started by Jolie herself.

This part of the evidence was not presented in court when a 16 year old was convicted for his murder.

However, an online campaign quickly gained significant traction calling for Jolie Fortuna to be charged alongside the 16 year old, and for SocialNusense to be taken offline, and it quickly was. The brain’s of SocialNusense was Kieran South, a software engineer, of Heathfields, who developed and hosted the online platform.

Jolie Fortuna was the leader and Kieran South was the brains
Kieran South was the brains of the OCG //OWNCONTENT

Because Kieran South is a software engineer, the OCG’s online interface was ‘sophisticated’ and featured a bespoke store and Content Management System. It allowed people to purchase tickets directly on the platform and people would later receive a link to an encrypted Telegram group chat where they would receive a link to the secret event close to the start of it.

Jolie P enlisted Kieran South's help
SocialNusense had a bespoke online platform //OWNCONTENT

After the online campaign accrued a significant following, Kieran South attempted to disassociate himself from Jolie P and SocialNusense, and removed the website replacing it with a message.

Kieran South began to distance himself from SocialNusense

After being ‘outed’ as a key player in the organised crime group, and the death of Jason Nyarko, Jolie P, or whoisjolie, went onto her Instagram and appeared to be ‘laughing’ at the storm that was building. She went on to joke about needing some Ketamine to laugh it all off.

Jolie P's instagram

After the Metropolitan Police began to disrupt SocialNusense and similar OCGs, Metropolitan Police Commander Ade Adelekan said officers will aim to stop so-called unlicensed music events before they take place.

Mr Adelekan said: “We will have a preventative response around unlicensed music events.

We will be looking to make sure that we thwart those where they are likely to take place because they have morphed away from being just anti-social and in fact, they present a real safeguarding issue and a real threat around disorder.”

Hailey, of Rights Reformer Group Transparency, had the following to say: “We were horrified to hear of Jolie Fortuna’s actions. She demonstrated a complete disregard for the safety of girls and was motivated by financial gain and popularity among her peers.

We will be engaging in a thorough investigation and this matter is only the tip of the iceberg in our efforts to elevate the voices of those affected by this unscrupulous organised crime group.

Since this wave of criminality, in an effort to repair her reputation and deceive people into thinking she does not have pro-criminal attitudes, she has significantly rebranded and continued to profit off vulnerable people in this way, and that will also be unraveled in due time.”

whoisjolie social links
One of whoisjolies marketing links

In response to this article, Jolie Fortuna had the following to say: “I’m sorry that you’ve never been invited to any parties and wouldn’t be welcome at any of these events. At least you can take comfort from trying to pretend that everyone had a bad time and nearly got raped, or whatever.”

UPDATE: We’ve released an in-depth anaylsis of SexyLadyMassive, Fortuna’s organised crime network.

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