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Britain’s criminal records office ACRO security breach

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ACRO security breach

Britain’s Criminal Records Office ACRO have declared a cyber security incident between 17th January 2023 to 21st March 2023 that may lead to information about arrests, charges, and criminal convictions, as well as ID like passports and driver’s licenses being leaked.

They say they have referred themselves to the Information Commissioner’s Office and are working with the National Cyber Security Centre to ‘better understand the incident and its impact’.

They have closed their online interface and people must make requests via email in the interim.

People apply to ACRO to receive information that the Police National Computer holds about them.

In the past, ACRO have been under scrutiny for ‘sending conviction information to the wrong person’, accidentally deleting whole criminal records, fingerprint records being linked to the wrong person, and attributing criminal records to incorrect people.

The incident is in its early stages and we anticipate more information will be available later.

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