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‘Britain’s Worst Flasher’, Smith, ‘will end up dying in prison’

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Paul Smith

Paul Anthony Smith, 65, previously branded ‘Britain’s Worst Flasher’ of Gorton Field, Horwich, has once again been convicted of exposing himself to women and children and spent 11 months in custody on remand before being released. There were 8 breaches of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Smith has over 100 convictions for charges related to or similar to indecent exposure and was handed an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order in 2010 in efforts to prevent further offences, with the first conviction handed to him at just 14 years old.

Since his indefinite SHPO he has repeatedly been brought back to court. In 2016 he developed a strange disguise of a snood, hot, and sunglasses, on the hottest day of the year and headed to a bus stop where he again exposed himself.

He was unaware a covert police officer was recording the entire act and he was arrested.

On Friday last week, Smith answered 8 further breaches of his SHPO. They were all indecent exposures at bus stops to children and adults and some had been captured on CCTV. This time he utilised an ‘oversized coat’ with the hood worn and a medical mask.

One involved a 14 year old boy and another in front of two ‘screaming’ 10 year old children.

The judge told Smith: “You’ve been sent to prison over and over again. You’ve had sex therapy, but you keep on doing it. I’ve now read a psychiatric report that suggests you need some serious anti-depressant medication. You’ll end up dying in prison. Well if that’s what you want, no one can stop you.”

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