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Busy Bees record fine as ‘mouse droppings’ found in kitchen

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Busy Bees, the UK’s largest childcare provider, was met with the heaviest penalty to date after investigators uncovered mouse excrement in the kitchen, lounge and kids’ activities spots of one of its daycare centers.

Busy Bees was given a penalty of £225,000 plus an extra payment of £15,000 in costs by a court in London, due to admitting to food safety and hygiene violations at the childcare centre it runs on the grounds of Whipps Cross university hospital in Leytonstone.

The court was informed that council inspectors from Waltham Forest had identified a large number of mouse droppings in the kitchen, close to the sinks, and in the storage area, in addition to the playroom designed for children.

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Busy Bees recently entered the US and Italy //OC

In January of last year, following an inspection, the council used emergency powers to provisionally suspend the nursery.

Busy Bees stated that it had hired external contractors to investigate the issues and promptly fix them.

Khevyn Limbajee, Waltham Forest’s cabinet member for community safety, said: ‘When parents entrust their children to attend a nursery, they do so in the belief that they will be left in a safe and clean environment.

‘Young children are particularly vulnerable to diseases due to their developing immune systems.

‘The intervention from our team was crucial in preventing children from being exposed to hazardous conditions that could have impacted their health.’

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