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CPS drop case against Labour Party’s Syed Siddiqi

  • Some deem Syed Siddiqi's difficulties 'another case of Labour Party injustice'
  • The Crown Prosecution Service will no longer pursue criminal charges
  • He has previously lodged a complaint about Islamophobia

CPS drop case against Syed Siddiqi

Syed Siddiqi, 35, of Ilford and formerly of the Labour Party, stood accused of using ‘threatening or abusive’ language at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court on 26th April 2023 where he denied the allegations. On June 20th the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the charges against him.

Labour Councillors – who were due to appear as witnesses – such as Tanweer Khan, Sahdia Warraich, and Burt Jones were in attendance at a council meeting at Redbridge Town Hall on 22nd September last year were the language was allegedly used.

As a result, Syed Siddiqi was expelled from the Party, where he was previously secretary for Ilford South and worked under the area’s MP Sam Tarry. They later deselected Tarry as their candidate in the subsequent general election.

Syed Siddiqi
Some deem Siddiqis difficulties another case of Labour Party injustice (Image: OC)

Siddiqi has since labelled the allegations as “false and malicious”, brought forward by a “right-wing Labour Party Coucillor”.

The political party has been embroiled in controversy, and in 2018 Siddiqi made an official complaint about the use of abusive, Islamophobic language by a fellow Labour member, and a recording began to circulate. The accused was swiftly suspended but suddenly re-instated “without explanation”.

In response, Siddiqi was then suspended ‘without explanation, allegations, or evidence of any sort’, and despite having a letter of support from his local party. His suspension was because he had a ‘detrimental affect’ on the local Ilford Labour party.

Siddiqi said the following at the time: “How my case has been handled by London Labour goes totally against Shami Chakribathi’s report into hate crime”.

“Suspending members must be done with notification of specific allegations and with evidence. That has not happened and is against natural justice.”

“In addition, the re-instatement of my abuser as a member, after clear evidence of Islamophobic abuse is outrageous and despicable, especially in light of my suspension.”

“I have full support by my local party but it appears Labour London are not taking their voices into account either. In addition, the re-instatement of my abuser as a member after clear evidence of Islamophobic abuse is outrageous and despicable, especially in light of my suspension.”

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“If Labour’s compliance department are intentionally covering for the abuser, it sends an awful message to British Muslims that the Labour party regard the hate Muslims face everyday as unimportant.”

“This is a scandal and a cover up at the heart of the biggest political party in the UK. If their compliance department is not ready to treat this case justly, the party should intervene to ensure it is.”

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