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Dad ‘beat his daughter unconscious with metal bar outside school gates for wearing makeup’, and handed probation

Hussein Alinzi

Hussein Alinzi, 59, of Fallowfield, Manchester, recently stood accused of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Manchester Crown Court and was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months.

The court that on June 22 last year, the morning of Hussein Alinzi’s 15 year old daughter’s English GCSE at Whalley Range High School, he beat her with a metal bar and bit her, because she was wearing make-up, resulting in her losing consciousness. This took place at his daughter’s school gates as he dropped her off for the exam.

During the attack, Alinzi claimed his daughter was wearing make-up because she was secretly planning to meet up with a boy.

The victim regained consciousness and attempted to still sit the exam, but complained of nausea and dissiness after it started, forcing her to be removed from the exam hall where she later reported what happened to teachers and what admitted to A&E.

She later told police how her father had previously bullied and abused her over a two year period. This included threats such as: “I will run you over,” and “I will kill you,” and “I hope you die.” The victim suffered injuries at 14 different sites on her body, including facial bruising and was also treated for a bite mark to her left temple.

She went on to say she “couldn’t take it anymore”, and the the abuse “had been going on for a long time”. At A&E, it came to light she had bruises all over her body from past attacks, and she expressed that she feared going home, calling psychological abuse “commonplace” in her house.

She further said that he had forbidden her from going to the park and that she was only permitted to have female family friends. It was later revealed that she had simply been wearing makeup to school on the suggestion of her mother to cover up bruises inflicted on her in previous beatings.

In a statement the teenager, now 16, said: “I initially didn’t want to provide a statement or evidence as I did not want to cause further pain to my family. When my father was arrested, I felt safe that he was not here, but sad that he was not home. My Mum struggles to look after my younger brother and I felt guilty that I bought shame on my family. I love my Dad and I can see that his attitude has now changed. This has made me realise how people can actually change.”

Whalley Range High School attack
The attack happened at Whalley Range High School, M16 (Image: M)

”Since he has not been living with us, I have become more independent. My brother needs to live with his Dad, and he needs him back. I actually feel happy as all this has changed him, it has made him realise what can and can’t do.”

Mr Wayne Jackson prosecuting said: ”The defendant drove her to school and arrived at the gates at 7:30am only to find they were closed. The defendant then began to shout at his daughter and accused her of wanting to come to school early, so she could meet a boy. He then shouted at her for wearing makeup when in fact her mother asked her to cover up her facial bruises with make-up following previous incidents.”

“He then pulled out a metal bar, measuring 30 cm in length, from underneath the car seat and struck his daughter a number of times to the arm and head whilst continuing to shout at her. The metal rod was kept under his car seat for protection, as he was a delivery driver.”

“He then paused the assault, before driving down the road and hitting her again. There was also evidence of him biting her on her left temple. After briefly losing consciousness, she came around and attended school to sit her English exam. However, she felt dizzy and nauseous, was removed from the GCSE English exam she was taking and was taken to A&E.”

In her initial report to teachers the girl said her father had assaulted her with a metal bar causing her several bruises to her arm, back and face. She said she “couldn’t take it anymore”, and that “it had been going on for a long time.” The report also showed that she had bruises all over her body in the past and that she was scared to go home and that psychological abuse was ”commonplace” in her house.

Mr Jackson added: ”In a report to police, she said the defendant had told her: “I will run you over,” “I will kill you,” and “I hope you die.” She also said that he had prevented her from going to the park and was only allowed to have female family friends.

“A subsequent paediatric report of her injuries found 14 different sites of injury on her body. She had clearly sustained prolonged and physical assault as a result of his anger. In particular, the bruising to her right thigh was the result of her curling up into a ball to protect herself while he was hitting her. Her fingers were also hurt while she was holding her hands up to her face while he was hitting her.”

“She admitted the attacks had been going on for two years and that this was the first time she had chosen to speak up about it. She said did not sleep through fear. She admitted her father has anger issues and that her mother and other families are scared of him. She also said that despite all this, she is now used to it.”

In mitigation, defence lawyer Mr Jawad Babar said, “The defendant is the father of seven children, has taken on board the situation and has completed courses on parenting. He is his wife’s main carer. He accepts the way he dealt with his daughter was wrong, but there is a degree of adapting to this new cultural behaviour for him.”

Alinzi was also ordered to complete 80 hours of unpaid work and 25 rehabilitation activity days.

In sentencing, the judge Mr Recorder Peter Wright KC said: “Any suggestion that his behaviour is the fault of his daughter is misguided to say the least. His daughter has tried to rationalise what he has done to her, this emotional turmoil is all his fault, not hers. He knows the rules by which he must behave in any civilised society, and beating your daughter is not one of them. He is on thin ice.”

He told Alinzi: ”You’re the father of a big family of which there ought to be pride rather than shame, but that shame has been bought on your family by your conduct. You have not behaved like a father should to his children, you behaved like a monster to them.

“She should have been expected to be loved and protected by you, not assaulted and abused. She lived her life in fear of you, enduring your physical conduct towards her. You are a bully, and what you did was not protecting your child.”

“What person takes a metal rod to strike their child, it is one who has no respect for them. Even is it had been true that she had been lying to you, that is of course no excuse for what you did. Your conduct was unforgivable and indicates your will for a combination of fear and violence. This is not acceptable, it is inexcusable and shameful.”

“She is now left with the emotional scar of now being the cause of you becoming separated from the family. This is a feeling that is natural for a child, but she is blameless. You have, however, recognised your need to change tour ways. Your daughter’s love for you, which is more than you deserve, is a testament to her, not you.”

”It is an indication that and effort on your part may offer a prospect of reconciliation and reform between you two in the future. This is your opportunity to atone for what you did. If you offend again you will go to jail, irrespective of any reliance of family members upon you. That is not something that will save you.””

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