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Dagenham Heathway Shopping Centre to be redeveloped

dagenham heathway redevelopment

A substantial overhaul of Dagenham Heathway Shopping Centre will introduce new homes, shops, and streets to the local area, as the council has received over £10 million in funding in January as port of the ‘Levelling Up’ government scheme.

Dagenham Heathway is the second-largest town in the borough, and the redevelopment is promised in the hope it will rejuvenate the town, bringing with it 316 new homes, commercial units, and upgrading public spaces and streets. The Centre has a housing estate above it which will continue into the redevelopment bid.

As part of the bid for Dagenham was one worth £20 million pounds in funding for Barking Town Centre, but the borough was unsuccessful in that regard. The council has assured the public the scheme is still in premature stages, and that they are working with residents to agree on ideas.

Cllr Rodwell said: “Our borough is one of the most deprived in the country and needs investment to complement what we are already doing – building more homes, bringing inward investment and raising the aspirations of our residents. We will continue to make a case for more money for the borough.”

Be First Managing Director Kevin O’Brien said: “We are delighted that the Government has recognised the strong case for investment in the Dagenham Heathway project, which was based on recommendations from the High Streets Task Force and has strong support locally. This latest project supports our mission to deliver 50,000 new homes across the borough and, more importantly, rejuvenate the local town centre for the people, businesses and local community – with plans to increase pedestrian walkways and make the borough more environmentally friendly.”

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