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Dagenham, Ilford, and Romford armed robbery gang jailed

James Mansbridge

A person from Essex was given a long jail term after admitting to two armed robbery offences in the Ilford and Dagenham areas.

James Mansbridge, aged 48, who lives on Bond Street, Chelmsford, was convicted and sentenced on May 19 at Snaresbrook Crown Court, simultaneously with Wayne Byrne (41) and Lana Clayton (42).

Two criminals intimidated the driver of a national delivery firm’s vehicle in Broomhill Road, Goodmayes, equipped with a firearm and a blade at 9:18 a.m. on Christmas Eve in 2021.

They stole the van and drove it to a dead-end street in Dagenham. What was inside the van then was transferred to a BMW X5 with a fake license plate.

Clayton, from Rayleigh Road in Woodford, admitted to robbery while Mansbridge and Byrne officially pleaded not guilty, and the offence has been left on their record.

The same BMW was the car that was utilized to flee from the armed robbery of a convenience store on Mawney Road, Romford on the night of January 2, 2022.

Clayton surveilled the shop prior to Mansbridge and Byrne, of Rush Green Road, Romford, committing the robbery armed with a gun.

The trio fled with some money and Clayton drove the vehicle away from the scene. All of them admitted to this offence.

On the night of January 21st, 2022, the two men perpetrated an armed robbery on a grocery store situated in Gale Street in Dagenham.

Wayne Byrne
Wayne Byrne

Mansbridge and Byrne scared staff with a fake firearm and blade. They were successful in obtaining a great deal of money and cigarretes.

Just four days prior to the delivery van heist, Clayton had bought a BMW and was driving it on counterfeit license plates. In spite of this, Flying Squad detectives were successful in uncovering the car’s true identity.

Thanks to this major discovery, police were able to locate the vehicle and determine the culprits – Mansbridge, Byrne, and Clayton – who were taken into custody in February of 2022.

James Mansbridge was handed an 8 and a half year sentence, and Byrne received an 8 year sentence.

Lana Clayton was given a suspended sentence of two years’ imprisonment. She pleaded guilty to robbery in relation to the Goodmayes delivery vehicle and the Mawney Road store.

Detective Constable Tom Boow of the Met’s Flying Squad (East) said: “These two men are beginning jail terms amounting to more than 16 years. Both are convicted criminals who have shown no genuine remorse for their actions, with Mansbridge in particular having previously been jailed for armed robbery.

“The Flying Squad is dedicated to standing up to and arresting dangerous criminals and taking them off the streets, thus preventing further offences and in doing so making London safer for its law abiding citizens.”

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