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Dagenham jewellers hit with £500k violent heist

Dagenham heist

Seven men from Derby stand accused of robbing a jeweller’s in Dagenham for approximately £500,000 of goods, in addition to violently attacking staff, on February 7th 2023. They travelled into the county for this sole purpose.

The accused are:

  • Daniel-Constantin Feraru, aged 46, of Stanton Street, Normanton
  • Vasile Cretu, aged 34, of Princes Street, Pear Tree
  • Florin Marius Lucaci, aged 23, of Havelock Road, Normanton
  • Dobin Dragos, aged 34, of Harriet Street, Normanton
  • Catalin Ciuraru, aged 32, Meynell Street, Normanton
  • Ionut Stoican, aged 24, of Harrington Street, Normanton
  • Mariannich Ungureanu, aged 29, of Harrington Street, Normanton

They allegedly drove two cars to the scene, commited the crime, and returned to Derby, and each has been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in addition to grievous bodily harm. They have all been remanded into custody to stand trial in 2024.

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