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Dagenham Lidl security guard allegedly followed woman home


Whitney Davis, of Dagenham, was allegedly followed to her home address when she was alone by a security guard of Lidl in Dagenham Heathway. Onlookers alleged they had also been followed by the same man just 2 days before.

At roughly 9pm, Whitney entered the store and the security guard allegedly approached her and asked for her name. She describes feeling like he watched her throughout her movements in the store, and when she was leaving, he waited at the doors and asked her “are you going home, where do you live?”.

As she ignored him he then followed her out the store, so she put her earphones on and said “I think you need to go back inside and do your job”.

When she was close to her home address, she pulled one of her earphones out, and realised this same security guard was behind her. He said “please, I’m trying to talk to you, turn around”. She describes feeling “shaken”, “disgusted”, and like “this is a whole new level of wrong”.

Whitney returned with her partner and confronted him

People in the store at the time of the incident described seeing the security guard leave and later “come running back”.

When Whitney arrived home she reported what happened to her partner and they returned to the store to confront the security guard. After initially vehemently denying the allegation he later repeatedly said “sorry” in apology to the woman.

She then reported the matter to Lidl’s management, the Security Industry Authority, and the police, despite the security guard refusing to show his SIA badge or provide his name. During the course of this investigation, another young woman alleged he had also followed her out of the store to pursue her.

In response, Lidl suspended the security guard and said they will conduct a thorough investigation. On social media local residents were outraged at the conduct of an employee who should be a source of protection. Many individuals forwarded the matter to the SIA and Lidl demanding they take swift action.

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