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Dagenham man emailed court with ‘I hope judge gets raped’

Abbdallah Suleiman

Abbdallah Suleiman, 26, of Ibscott Grove, Dagenham, emailed distressing messages to staff at Romford County Court, leading to an 18 month community order, with 300 hours unpaid work, and a 30-day rehabilitation requirement.

Suleiman made various comments about the women working at the court, such as “I hope grenades explode in your ovaries”, that they should get “bummed and raped”, and called them “menopausal blondies” and “crackheads”.

One court worker has said they have since changed routines in their daily life out of fear such threats could victimise them. The offender has said they made these threats out of frustration he had not received a response to some queries.

He has since said he is “deeply ashamed” of his actions and plead guilty to sending a communication/article conveying an indecent/offensive message, with his defence lawyer saying: “He accepts the contents of this email would be viewed as distressing and he is deeply ashamed now.”

Sentencing him, District Judge Nina Tempia said: “I think it falls into the highest category because this was targeted and it contained threats. I note that at least one person was so concerned they have made significant adjustments to protect their own safety.”

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