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Dagenham Police Station closure

Dagenham police station closure

Dagenham Police Station, located at 561 Rainham Road, RM10 7TU near Dagenham East Underground station, have closed their public counters until the 3rd July 2023.

The station have advised the public to use a temporary front counter created at Barking Learning Centre, IG11 7NB.

They have issued the following announcement:

Dagenham Police Station closure

Local residents are unhappy, and have noted that they disagree with the suitability of using the library located in another district, when there may have been the possibility of using Dagenham Learning Centre, RM10 9QS.

Lynda Barker, noted: “Surely Dagenham Library would be a better choice. It’s in Dagenham for a start”

Another resident, said: “If you need to go to your local police station in Dagenham, travelling all the way to Barking is just ridiculous. Surely there’s somewhere closer that could be used as a temporary office?”

And, in a response likely connected to the recent wave of violent crime in the local and surrounding areas, another resident said: “Just what Dagenham needs, no police lol”.

The Met have not provided an explanation for the closure at this time.

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