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Dagenham Primary School has ‘indecent exposure’ incident: Hunters Hall

Hunters Hall Primary School exposure

A Dagenham, East London, primary school issued a warning to parents after a male allegedly exposed himself in broad daylight near the school.

Wednesday, May 3, at approximately 7:20 a.m., according to a letter given to parents by Hunter Hall Primary School, a man near the school inappropriately caressed and exposed himself.

On the Reede Road bridge, the individual was allegedly observed wandering over an allotment close to the school. In a message to parents, the suspect is described as a 5ft 8in tall, stocky black man with particularly short hair. According to Essex Live, he was also wearing a navy blue oversized jacket and dark-colored boxer shorts when the incident occurred.

A spokesperson verified that parents received an electronic message about the incident through the school’s parent portal.

The letter read: “This morning a man was noticed exposing himself at 7.20 on the Reede Road Bridge which goes over the allotment… They have given the following description: approx 5ft 8inches tall, black skin, very short hair, stocky build, navy blue baggy jacket, grey baggy trousers – dropped to the knees, dark/black shoes, an unusual walk”.

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