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Dagenham’s Aina ‘has admitted murdering his mother’

Nicolas Aina

Nicholas Aina, 28, of Dagenham, stands charged with murder after he attacked his mother with a knife, in addition to an attempted murder in relation to his sister, who he allegedly also attacked with a knife. He has recently denied murder but pled guilty to manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility.

As things stand, Nicholas Aina will stand trial on August 21 2023.

The circumstances are that at the family home on Auriel Avenue, Dagenham, RM10, Nicholas went into his 33 year old sister’s bedroom and stabbed her repeatedly with a knife. After the mother heard her screams, the mother headed to the room and he then lunged and her with a knife and knifed her repeatedly also.

The mother died at the scene, and the sister was rushed to hospital where she survived and has since been discharged.

Detective Superintendent Richard Vandenbergh said: “It appears this was an isolated incident confined to a single address”.

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