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Dagenham’s Cox launches MOIPA, where people ‘pay nothing for 3 months’


Wilfred Cox, of Dagenham, has launched MOIPA, a web-hosting company that aims to help you ‘command a formidable online presence’. Their current promo allows customers to pay nothing for 3 months with a monthly plan, and a 5-month saving with an annual plan.

Speaking to The Evening Wiki, Cox said the following: “There are more people with websites than ever before, because it is one of the easiest ways to create an an additional revenue stream.

“If you’re not online in 2023, you’re really late to the party.”


Cox makes 85% of his income from a string of online businesses, including online tutoring platforms, fitness platforms, and a travel-related blog that utilises affiliate marketing. He was motivated to add an online web-hosting company after learning of the explosion of the industry.

“People in Barking & Dagenham are becoming very interested their online presence but they lack the skills to build and manage websites. I began approaching businesses and offering my services privately and made a significant monthly income this way.

“At a certain point, I had too many to manage myself and formed a partnership with some likeminded individuals. Then, we decided it made sense to slowly introduce them to easy-to-use website building software, that we still have on MOIPA, so they could do most things themselves.

“In 2023 we pooled our resources together and realised it made sense to simply open our services to the public.”

Promo code ‘OPENING’ will get you 3 free months.

Promo code ‘ANNUAL’ will get you 12 months for the price of 7.


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