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Drill rapper ‘Official TS’ charged with ISIS terror offences

Official TS

Al Arfat Hassan, also known as Official TS, is in court after being charged with planning an Islamic State-inspired terror attack. He is charged with preparing terrorist acts and collecting information useful to a terrorist.

Mr Hassan, 19, of Enfield, allegedly downloaded an ISIS video that instructed the public on how to make a bomb and murder people with knifes. It is also alleged he purchased weapons and obtained chemicals for the creation of explosives.

Met counter-terrorism officers arrested Mr Hassan, known as Official TS, on the 3rd of March during a “proactive operation”.

He will appear at the Old Bailey again at the Old Bailey on the 25th of March.

Mr Hassan’s biggest song is ‘Satan 2.0’ with 1.7m views on YouTube, and some of the lyrics are as follows:

When I wedge that shank in your chest
I promise you imma lose control
Watch your eyes roll back and you’re coughin’ out blood
And his guts go squish like fresh in my core
Have a taste of death, come watch this show
Don’t try run, can’t escape the ghost
Cry for help when we snatch that soul
Strangle him ’til we turn him crow
When I wedge that shank in your chest

Satan 2.0

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