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Drill Rapper TS, accused of terrorism, ‘claims ISIS persona was ruse to attract women’

Official TS on trial

Official TS, real name Al-Arfat Hassan, 20, a drill rapper from Enfield, is standing trial at Sheffield Crown Court for planning an ISIS-style terror attack in London. He claims his glorification of ISIS was a ‘ruse to attract women’, despite being charged with preparing terrorist acts and collecting information useful to a terrorist.

Hassan was accused alongside one of his self-proclaimed fans, a 16 year old from Leeds. Caught in the crosshairs of a ‘proactive operation’ by the Metropolitan Police, Hassan allegedly downloaded an ISIS video that instructed the public on how to make a bomb and murder people with knifes. It is also alleged he purchased weapons and obtained chemicals for the creation of explosives.

On Friday, the court watched one of Hassan’s music videos, showing a him and a large group of young men congregating round a table, wearing black clothing and balaclavas, surrounded by money and weapons. He says this was a promotional video intended to broadcast a ‘terrorist jihadi network discussing plans’.

“After the success of (his song) Satan 2.0, so many fans, including women, came in to play so I pretty much seduced the women I found attractive,” Hassan told jurors.

“With the jihadi persona a lot of Muslim women were attracted to it. That’s the act I kept up with them.”

When asked about a message in which he discussed “shooting up the whole place for Allah” during a debate about public transport, Hassan stated that he had never planned to carry it out, adding, “It’s just something I would say at the time.”

He said it was “role play” and part of an “act of coming across as a terrorist”.

He said: “I’m presenting to her as someone who’s extremist Isis. My imagery is intimidation, it’s hyper-masculine.

“I’m not going to pretend to be an imam at a local mosque to pull a woman.”

Official TS album art
Hassan was first arrested in March, 2022 (Image: OC)

Asked if this act worked, Hassan said: “It worked a lot, I was with a lot of women.”

Both defendants have denied planning terrorist acts. Hassan has also pleaded not guilty to possessing an explosive material under suspicious circumstances, while the teenager denied possessing a document likely to be beneficial to someone planning or preparing to commit an act of terrorism.

Prosecutors claim that by late 2021, both of them had “become heavily radicalised” and “supported an extreme Islamist ideology.”

Jurors have heard that they studied and intended to purchase knives, balaclavas, tactical gloves, and bomb-making materials as part of their terrorist attack preparations.

Official TS
The drill rapper had a large following consisting mainly of teenage Muslims from London (Image: OC)

His largest song under the name Official TS is Satan 2.0, and some of the lyrics are as follows:

When I wedge that shank in your chest
I promise you imma lose control
Watch your eyes roll back and you’re coughin’ out blood
And his guts go squish like fresh in my core
Have a taste of death, come watch this show
Don’t try run, can’t escape the ghost
Cry for help when we snatch that soul
Strangle him ’til we turn him crow
When I wedge that shank in your chest

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