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Eastenders’ Danny Dyer visits Bower Park Academy, Romford

Danny Dyer visit Bower Park Academy

The actor who portrayed Mick Carter on-screen addressed year 10 students from Bower Park Academy during a workshop organised by the mental health charity Mind of the Student on Tuesday, May 9.

Specifically addressing adolescent males, he emphasised the significance of discussing mental health with students. According to the charity, suicide is the second leading cause of mortality among men under 45.

Mind of the Student organised the discussion as part of its London-wide campaign to enlighten secondary school students on topics such as melancholy, anxiety, social media pressures, and exam stress.

Kieran Goodwin, the charity’s chief executive, deemed it a “brilliant moment” for students to meet Danny and learn about his personal experiences and perspectives on the topic.

He said: “Having people like Danny open up about his past will break down stigma and encourage more students to open up about their emotions, with friends, family and healthcare professionals, if required.”

Kieran and Jaylan Sesli, who both suffered from anxiety in secondary school, co-founded the organisation in order to combat the stigma surrounding the disorder and to provide self-help advice.

Eddie Aylett, newly-appointed principal of Bower Park, said: “Mental health is something we really drive in our academy. It is so important, especially post-Covid. To have Danny Dyer support the Mind of the Student charity and its amazing work was a privilege.”

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