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England ‘controlled every aspect of partner’s life’

Harry England Hammersmith

Harry England, 22, of Richford Street, Hammersmith, was handed a six-month suspended sentence on Thursday, May 18th at Isleworth Crown Court after confessing to controlling and coercive behaviour.

The woman moved to London in her late teens to pursue a career, and has spoken only about her experience encountering an abusive partner who disparaged her, dictated every aspect of her life, and relentlessly stalked her after she ended the relationship.

Throughout the relationship, Harry England criticised the woman’s behaviour, appearance, and social circle. He controlled every aspect of her life, including what she wore, what she wrote in text messages. He would routinely attend her college, where he shouted and behaved aggressively until she ceased attending classes. The experience made her an introverted and closed-off individual.

“He made me question my trust in people”

The victim said: “Meeting Harry England is the one thing I regret about moving to London. I came here, full of hope and excited about my future. I wanted to make friends and have fun. I came to London to work and experience life, and make a career in something I have wanted to do since I was 12 years old.

“When I met Harry, everything changed. His actions broke me. He made me question my faith and trust in people. I have spent the last three years trying to fix what he broke. Re-establishing relationships, learning to trust people, finding healthy ways to deal with stress, working out what life is about and trying to live in a way I can be proud of.

“I am grateful to the police for believing in me and supporting me when I really needed it. I will never be the same girl I was when I first met him, and that saddens me. She was a lot more calm and a lot more forgiving. I am slowly learning to love the woman I am now, but I do miss the girl I was.”

Harry England Hammersmith
England engaged in a campaign of abusive behaviour

After the woman ended the relationship and asked him to stop contacting her, he called her almost 100 times. She blocked him and his social media accounts, but he would continously create new ones to force contact with her, in addition to attending her home address and delivering presents she did not want to accept.

A few months after the relationship ended, England, of Richford Street, Hammersmith, called the police on 999 to express concern for her safety. Officers visited her residence, and she reported his behaviour to the police.

In addition to his suspended sentence, England has been ordered to participate in a ‘building better relationships’ programme for 18 months as part of a Community Order. He was ordered to perform 85 hours of unpaid labour, and he was prohibited from having any contact, direct or indirect, with the victim until further notice.

PC Sol Bhugaloo, an officer who supported the victim survivor throughout the investigation, said: “The victim has shown immense courage throughout this long and protracted investigation. She had to relive her horrific ordeal whilst providing evidence in court. She has shown immense strength and bravery throughout the investigation. It is my sincere hope that the bravery shown by her will encourage all victims to come forward. You will be listened to and you will be heard.”

The investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Henh Song, said: “The victim, in this case, has shown immense courage in standing up to England and ensuring he was made to answer for his actions.

“This was a three-year investigation and it was extremely hard for the victim who had to attend court to provide evidence and be cross-examined. She has shown immense strength and bravery throughout the investigation and we hope that the fact England has admitted his abhorrent behaviour will allow her some measure of closure so that she can rebuild her life.”

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