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Female student murdered at Clerkenwell university halls

murder at clerkenwell halls

Flatmates of a student murdered at her university’s halls of residence called 999 after hearing pleading screams in the early hours of the morning. The victim, a 19 year old, died from her serious injuries after being found at Arbour House, Clerkenwell.

Her peers said she had been on a date. A man reportedly fled the scene before police could arrive. There was a frenzied panic after hearing cries from her room.

Angelina Miats, 19, a business management student from Belarus, who is in her first year at City University of London said: “I think she knew him. People who live in the same flat have said they think they were on a date or something. My friend who lives on the fifth floor, which is the same flat as the girl, said her housemates called the police after they heard screaming coming from her room.

“I think it’s quite dangerous in London, I didn’t expect something like this to happen, to me or to any of my friends, or the building where I live. I feel really scared and I’m not sure I want to stay here anymore, because it’s really scary.”

Several surrounding streets of the address have been cordoned off due to police investigations.

Arsh Srivastara, 21, said: “At around 5.45am I heard a voice that sounded like a grown man. I heard the fire alarm go off and I heard someone running out of a back ground floor exit near where I live. I thought it was the suspect. After that the police showed up around half an hour later. They have been investigating ever since. I heard them talking about someone trying to escape through the hallway door.”

Officers and London Ambulance Service arrived on the scene and unfortunately found the woman suffering serious, life-threatening injuries. Despite their greatest efforts she was pronounced dead at the scene.

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