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Firearm smuggled into Bedford prison

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HMP Bedford prison was on lockdown last week as staff urgently ransacked cells due to having ‘intelligence’ there was a ‘firearm’ on a wing.

The prison said there was “credible” information that the weapon was inside the prison, and that it could have been sourced to facilitate an escape attempt or hostage-taking. Last year, a report of the prison found it to have “one of the highest levels of violence” in England and Wales.

A spokesperson said: “Specialist prison officers are carrying out an intelligence-led search at HMP Bedford and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage. We are also stepping up the war against illicit phones, drugs and contraband in prisons, and are investing up to £125m in tough new security measures.”

During 2021/22, firearms were found in English and Welsh prisons at-least 26 times, as reported by HM Prison and Probation Service, with this being the highest reported amount for at-least five years. This figure consists of real weapons, imitation weapons, and air guns. Prison staff also find air tasers and CS spray.

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