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First picture of Chief Inspector leading sexual assault initiative, who ‘tried to stop victim reporting colleague for sexual assault’

  • PS Anish Sharma and DCI James Senior have since resigned
  • The crimes stemmed from a party in the Thames Valley area

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Metropolitan Police Sergeant Anish Sharma has been accused of indecent exposure and sexual assault, in connection with an incident at a social gathering. James Senior, a Detective Chief Inspector of Thames Valley Police has been accused of attempting to obstruct the victim-survivor’s efforts to report the incident and secure evidence.

PS Anish Sharma is said to have inappropriately groped the victim-survivor and later pulled his penis outside of his clothing and showed it to her in 2021, in the garden of a party in the Thames Valley area. She did not want such events to occur.

The victim-survivor swiftly informed DCI James Senior of the crimes that allegedly transpired, and Senior allegedly told her “go home and sleep on it… there is no evidence, no witnesses, no CCTV” and “have a think about what you want to do as we all have careers”. He would go on to say ‘we would most likely NFA it’, with NFA meaning an outcome of no further action.

In direct contravention of police procedures, Senior would then allow Sharma to leave the party. The police’s internal investigation later revealed that the DCI allegedly informed Sharma of the allegation against him, and the combination of these two events offered Sharma the opportunity to destroy evidence. Forensic investigations later revealed that before he was questioned about these alleged crimes he did in fact delete several Whatsapp messages.

Additionally, DCI Senior is also accused of falsifying his witness statement he submitted as part of the force’s investigation into the alleged crimes, as he denied that the victim-survivor informed him of Sharma’s alleged sexual crimes, and that Sharma sent him any Whatsapp messages around that time.

Both officers – who have since left the force – will also answer an allegation that they exchanged ‘grossly offensive, derogatory, discriminatory, and misogynistic’ messages on Whatsapp. These messages were from long before the incidents at the party.

DCI Senior was previously responsible for Project Vigilante, a force-wide, proactive initiative utilising plain clothes and uniformed officers on night-time patrols to ‘stamp out’ predatory and sexual behaviour in the night time economy. He previously spoke to ITV news.

A misconduct hearing will span 12-21st July.

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