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Five convicted of modern slavery offences

Sebastian Zimoch and Anna Zimoch

Five individuals, including two with home addresses in Romford, have been convicted of modern slavery offences.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police’s Central Specialist Crime Command identified four men and one woman at the centre of the operation last year following a London-Essex operation:

  • Sebastian Zimoch, 48, of Carlton Road, Romford
  • Anna Zimoch, 45, of Carlton Road, Romford
  • Gregaor Borowka, 44, of Yeading Avenue, Harrow
  • Michael Lozinski, 52, of Berwick Avenue, Hayes (also convicted of controlling prostitution for gain)
  • Rafal Lacki, 41, of Felmongers, Harlow

During this investigation, officers identified over 300 potential victims of trafficking leading to them being able to safeguard 134. The Met are providing them with support and recovery.

Following a 10-week trial at Isleworth Crown Court where the defendants attempted to plead not guilty, they were convicted on the 16th of March of conspiracy to arrange or facilitate travel of another person with a view of exploitation and conspiracy to control prostitution for gain. They are due to be sentenced on May 27th.

Acting Detective Inspector Esther Richardson, from Central Specialist Crime, said: “I am pleased we have been able to uncover the true scale of this illegal operation.

“My team worked tirelessly to identify and safeguard hundreds of other women across London who were being exploited by this organised criminal group.”

The court heard how Lozinski spearheaded five different brothels in west London and Zimoch did the same with two brothels in the Docklands and north west of London.

Sebastian Zimoch and Anna Zimoch led an OCG that abused over 300 women
Almost 300 women were abused by the OCG

Their illegal enterprise was born in 2015, with Sebastian and Anna at the helm, before they ’employed’ drivers and a receptionist. After seeing success, Michael Lozinski started his own brother to maximise his own profits.

Lacki was one of the main drivers for the enterprise along with Borowka, who also worked as a receptionist for Golden Kiss escort services. Both Borowka and Lacki were trusted members of the gang who assumed great responsibilities.

During this time, one women aged 19 was sexually exploited and trafficked to clients addresses in the West End. On one occasion the victim was taken on a call out to Arab clients, around £3,000 was exchanged for her services for a whole night, with the victim being paid around £200.

There was an incident where she began refusing to perform sexual services, and her punishment was the refusal of food, told she “did not deserve to eat”.

In 2020 Lozinski and Zimoch ceased their working relationship, whereas Sebastian and Zimoch ran an escort website called Golden Kiss, marketing women for sex work. He, along with his drivers, facilitated the ‘delivery’ of the women, accompanied by Borowka.

This was a group of driven criminals with a serious intent to profit off the exploitation of women.

Specialist officers from the Met’s Central Specialist Crime began an investigation in April 2020.

Officers raided the Zimochs' properties
Officers raided a Romford property

In the early hours of Tuesday, February 9th, 2021, in Harrow, Romford, Hayes, Forest Gate, and Harlow, officers successfully executed five warrants, arresting all defendants at their home addresses – Lozinski’s addresses also operated as a brothel.

On the morning of Tuesday February 9, 2021 in Harrow, Romford, Hayes, Forest Gate and Harlow, officers executed five warrants. The defendants were all arrested at their home addresses, along with Lozinski whose home operated as a brothel.

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