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Convicted Germaine Dua ‘recorded sex and showed men without girl knowing’

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Germaine Dua

On 15th March 2023, Germaine Dua, 28, of Potters Bar Town FC was convicted of voyeurism at Stratford Magistrates Court and will be sentenced on 18th April 2023. He has been suspended by his club.

Voyeurism is a wide-ranging offence, but this charge pertains to Germaine Dua recording sexual activity between him and a woman who did not consent to these recordings, on the 12th August 2021.

The victim described only having sexual intercourse with Dua twice, and on one of these occasions, they were both heavily intoxicated after a night out in the Shoreditch area. Around 4pm the next day after sobering up, Dua actually showed the videos to her.

The videos were clearly ‘surreptitious’ shots, where Dua went to great lengths to conceal the fact he was recording her. The angles were those that slightly obscured her face, and were out of her line of sight. It’s clear there was a certain degree of planning to allow him to successfully achieve his aims.

She was horrified as she did not want him to have such intimate photos and videos of her, especially after having spent such little intimate time together. She ordered him to delete them and he pretended to agree, saying: “yeah I can’t believe I took them”, “this is wild”, “I will delete them”.

Roughly 2-3 months later a man who was a mutual friend of the two, messaged the victim to alert her to sexually explicit videos of her being in wide circulation. When he described her clothing she knew immediately what videos they were – she did not engage in sexual relations with anybody else in this date range.

Stratford Magistrates Court

Germaine Dua admitted to his criminal conduct initially and attempted to apologise, but when the Met cautioned him he suddenly decided to challenge the matter at court but was subsequently convicted. Voyeurism carries a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment.

Potters Bar Town FC has been approached for comment but have not provided a response at this time.

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