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Girl, Lusadisu, led boy, 15, to his demise

Joyce Lusadisu

Joyce Lusadisu, 19, appeared at Inner London Crown Court on May 10 for sentencing after pleading guilty to robbery, knife possession, and intentional wounding.

Prosecutor Kieran Smith stated that the victim, a 15-year-old boy, had recently argued with Lusadisu when he received a message from an unknown individual asking to purchase a pair of trainers.

The lad arranged to meet the anonymous individual at Mitcham Junction Railway Station on November 12, 2021, at approximately 8 p.m.

When he arrived at the station, he was met by a group of three or four masked males and 17-year-old Lusadisu.

The court heard that one of the men threatened the victim with a 15-inch rambo knife and demanded his coat, shoes, and unlocked phone.

The group then recorded themselves punching and kicking him in the head and body before Lusadisu stabbed him twice with an eight-inch knife in the thigh and ankle.

Mr. Smith stated that one of the men pressed the rambo knife against the victim’s torso before another member of the group stated, “It’s not worth it.”

As the victim collapsed in a pool of blood, Lusadisu and her companions fled. The public raced to his aid, and he was rushed to the hospital.

Later, his phone was recovered from the Mitcham cricket green and returned to the victim, who was shocked when he found a video of his own assault.

The mother of the victim recalled the horrifying moment she received a phone call informing her that her son had been stabbed. “These were the words I feared hearing the most,” she said.

Stephen Akinsanya, Lusadisu’s defence counsel, stated that his client has been exposed to violence throughout her entire existence, including being stabbed twice.

Mr. Akinsanya stated that Lusadisu became involved with gang members in order to blend in. These gang members frequently encouraged her to perpetrate random acts of violence to prove herself.

She appeared via video link from HMP Downview in Sutton, where she is serving a 30-month sentence for a robbery at knifepoint committed in July 2021.

Judge Daniel Fugallo stated to Lusadisu, “The horrifying truth is that slashing someone, even in the leg, can rupture a vein or artery, resulting in severe injury or even death. Therefore, this terrible case in which you are implicated could easily be a homicide case.”

The 45-month sentence will run concurrently with the 30-month sentence she is currently serving.

Other perpetrators in the assault have not been apprehended.

DC Ross McAlpine, the investigating officer for the British Transport Police in this case, stated, “This was a particularly vicious act of violence that left the 15-year-old victim with significant leg injuries that, on another day, could have been far more serious.”

“I am delighted with the prison sentence imposed and the criminal behaviour order that prohibits Lusadisu from entering a railway for five years.

“We are devoted to apprehending anyone who intends to conceal a weapon and rob passengers on a train, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that they face justice. If you are a victim or witness of violence on the train, please text 61016 to report it. Always dial 999 for emergencies.”

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