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‘Gun factory’ found in South-West London

Gun factory in London

Evan Girdlestone, 47, from Colliers Wood, will appear in court charged with offences under the Firearms Act after an investigation by the National Crime Agency. Officers discovered a facility that they believe was purposely set up to modify imitation guns into deadly weapons with 3D printed components.

On Thursday morning, he was taken into custody in Croydon, and officers from the NCA’s Armed Operations Unit discovered what they thought to be an operational modified firearm and magazines for 9mm ammunition in his vehicle.

Investigators later searched an industrial unit in the Lombard Road area of Merton and discovered a variety of tools and machinery, including components used in the production of weapons and ammunition, blank firers, more than a hundred rounds of live ammunition, around a thousand rounds of blank-firing ammunition, and three potentially functional converted weapons.

Gun factory in london seizures
Converted weapons and magazines were seized //NCA

Officers also discovered a number of 3D printers believed to have been used to manufacture components for converted weapons.

Forensic specialists are evaluating and analysing the seized weapons.

Girdlestone has been charged with possessing a handgun in violation of section 5 of the Firearms Act of 1968 and ammunition in violation of section 1 of the same Act.

Debbie Palmer-Lawrence, from the NCA’s Armed Operations Unit, referred to it as a “significant operation” and stated that the NCA’s top priority was to prevent converted weapons from reaching criminals.

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