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Hate group labels asylum seekers ‘invaders’ in Romford

Patriotic Alternative

The Metropolitan Police is increasing patrols in Romford after extremist hate group, Patriotic Alternative, distributed ‘scaremongering’ leaflets about asylum seekers. They put flyers through doors, calling asylum seekers ‘invaders’ after they were housed in a local hotel.

The leaflets said ‘illegal immigrants’ were placing young girls at risk of being assaulted.

The leaflet also alleged: “These people have already broken the law by coming here. What is to say they won’t break more of our laws?”

The Refugee & Migrant Forum of Essex and London described them as “truly shocking”, saying the public had “nothing to fear if refugees are housed in their community”.

“It goes without saying that racist, far-right groups like Patriotic Alternative are emboldened by the government’s increasingly extreme and cruel rhetoric towards refugees,” said the forum’s head of campaigning, Nick Beales.

He added: “Such groups clearly feel the government has given them the green light to terrorise vulnerable people.”

Patriotic Alternative has been labelled “the UK’s most active fascist organisation”. Some members commend Adolf Hitler’s “courage, conviction and wisdom”. Some wear Nazi uniforms, display Nazi flags, and perform Nazi salutes in public.

The government listed it as as one of four groups which aim to “destroy” the UK’s “free, open and inclusive society”.

Steve Blake, Patriotic Alternative’s eastern regional organiser, said the group was Britain’s “fastest growing nationalist organisation” and had “delivered thousands of the perfectly legal leaflets at the weekend”.

“We stand by the comments we published,” he said.

A Romford resident said the following: “There is no place for such hatred in our wonderfully diverse and welcoming borough and I worry that someone might harm these vulnerable people,” they said.

Andrew Rosindell
Andrew Rosindell

The leaflet included a QR code people could scan, auto-generating a complaint letter to Romford Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell.

In response, Andrew Rosindell said the following:

“I wish to make it clear that I am in no way connected to or sympathise with the aims of this organisation,” he said.

“Illegal immigration is a serious issue that I have been calling for action on for many years, but we must never allow this to fester into racial hatred. That is not the British way of doing things.

“We must base our arguments on facts, not scaremongering or the distortion of the truth.

“I know that the people of Romford will reject this divisive political approach, which has no place in our community.”

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