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Havering Council ‘doubles’ parking permit fees without warning

Havering permit price increase

Residents in Romford are “furious” after their parking fees soared without warning. In a bizarre turn of events senior councilors have launched an investigation, claiming there to be some confusion over how it was approved.

Senior council officials have begun “an investigation” into the price increases, despite the fact that council documents indicate they approved them.

“It’s ludicrous,” one resident said.

“I can’t quite get my head around how anyone could think that doubling the prices is acceptable, especially in the current financial climate.”

Residents were unaware of the price increases until they needed to renew their permits.

“It’s not quite as clear-cut as it’s being portrayed,” deputy council leader Gillian Ford said. There is an investigation going on.”

She would only clarify that the probe was examining “different figures” provided at different times.

According to online documents, the price increase was proposed to and authorised by the council’s cabinet.

Keith Prince, a Conservative councillor and London Assembly member, said his party was “conned.”

According to the council’s website, a £5 price increase was brought to a cross-party scrutiny panel.

The cabinet, however, agreed a £35 rise the very following day.

“It’s either incompetence because they didn’t know what was going on or deception because they did,” Cllr Prince added.

Sheringham Avenue, Havering resident do not have driveways
Sheringham Avenue residents do not have driveways so have to buy the permits //CHARLESTHOMSON

Lorraine Sinfield has been a resident of Sheringham Avenue for 43 years.

She claims that the properties were built a century ago and do not have driveways. Residents who own cars are forced to pay for the council’s parking permits.

These cost £35 per year. They have been doubled to £70.

“We knew nothing about it,” Lorraine explained. “We definitely were not consulted.”

They weren’t notified after the incident, either, according to her sister Lesley Coombes, who lives next-door-but-one.

“It’s terrible,” Lesley said. “Nobody put a letter through our doors.

I haven’t had a pay rise in four years. My partner is on minimum wage. It makes things tight, what with everything else going up as well. It’s absolutely disgusting.

I’m going to struggle,” agreed their neighbour, railway worker Indra Bindere. “I’m furious. My wages haven’t increased for the last three years.

It’s absolutely shocking. You would expect a normal increase – maybe two, three, five per cent. But not double.”

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