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Havering plans to reduce children’s waiting times for adoption


Havering Council has joined a national ‘You Can Adopt’ campaign to reach out to potential parents for children who, on average, wait eight months longer to be adopted.

The Council is a member of the You Can Adopt Support Coalition, a new group comprised of charities, organisations, and corporations that have joined forces to demonstrate broad commitment to helping and encouraging potential adopters seeking to adopt children who have waited the longest.

According to the most recent data available, the majority of children waiting for adoption belong to specific categories.

Youngsters aged five and up, youngsters with extra and/or complicated needs, brother and sister groups, and people of Black and mixed descent are all included.

The coalition also emphasises the importance of adopter support and how the agencies involved can strengthen that circle by providing networking opportunities to local families, as well as opening up their own resources and accessing funds made available by the government (The Adoption Support Fund).

The increasing partnership comprises John Lewis and devoted charities such as Family Fund, Family Action, Fertility Network, The Council for Disabled Children, and Churches Together England, as well as other companies that provide adopters with a variety of inclusive rights and benefits.

You Can Adopt has released fresh data demonstrating the need of assistance for all parents, not just adopters.

The research found that in Greater London:

  • 87.45 per cent believe community is important in raising a child
  • 82.23 per cent have people they refer to as family outside of immediate family or blood relatives 
  • 49.69 per cent of parents found support from other parents invaluable when raising their child, with 44.72 per cent finding help from WhatsApp groups (or similar) or online forums
  • 57.14 per cent of parents say their child has non-blood relatives they refer to as aunty or uncle

Adoption support services are offered to families and children of all ages and phases of the adoption experience, from planning for adoption to fulfilling children’s future needs.

Following an evaluation of support requirements, the Government-established Adoption Support Fund can offer access to therapeutic services for children and their parents.

Councillor Oscar Ford, Havering’s Cabinet Lead for Children’s Services, said:

“Our aim is for local children to be cared for in a locality with which they can have and develop strong connections wherever possible.

“We know how important it is for every child to have a positive sense of self and identity and it is even more critical for an adopted child to be connected with, and see themselves reflected in, their home and community. 

“Havering has so much to offer these young people including its great facilities and support provision, and a diversity of places and communities.  

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“The task in Adopt London, is to make sure adopters are well prepared to meet the needs of local children by providing robust preparation and access to the right support”.

The council asks that anybody considering adoption, or simply want more information, visit the You Can Adopt website.

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