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Hawrylewicz ‘tried to murder stranger by throwing her onto train tracks’

Arthur Hawrylewicz

Arthur Hawrylewicz, 42, admitted attempted murder as he was accused of trying to kill a stranger as she travelled to Notting Hill Carnival in London with friends. He was sentenced to 10 years.

The victim says that when she travels on the train now she has ‘overwhelming anxiety’ and must stand with her back to the wall of the platform.

The woman was waiting at the platform of King’s Cross Underground Station when she was suddenly pulled into a ‘bear hug, picked up with her legs pulled off the ground, and swung to the left as the train pulled into the station’.

The described her friends saving her, with one individual in particular getting in between Arthur Hawrylewicz, and the victim, forcing him to the ground, but in the commotion the defendant hit his head on the train and was knocked unconscious.

In a victim impact statement read in court, the victim describes being left wondering ‘what if?’

She said: “What if my friends hadn’t been there? What if my male friend hadn’t jumped in to grab him? What if I had been standing closer to the tracks? I would most likely be dead and my family mourning the loss of a daughter. It is incredibly traumatic to think how close I came to dying.”

The judge had the following to say: “You attempted to kill a young woman by throwing her in front of a moving train. You had approached your victim, Ms Osifeso, while she was standing with friends on the platform at King’s Cross Underground station.

She was a complete stranger to you. You tried briefly to speak to her but she ignored you.”

Hawrylewicz, a father of two, originates from Poland and had been in the UK for 15 years. His family returned to Poland in 2021 and evidence was found that suggested the defendant was “depressed” about his life.

The judge said: “It is clear from the available evidence you intended to kill yourself that day but there is nothing to explain why you chose to try to kill an innocent bystander.”

Alexia Nicol, defending, said Hawrylewicz “has no recollection of what happened that day” and instead “relies on the statement provided and on the footage” of the incident. 

“It seems that an argument with his partner triggered something in him that caused his behaviour on that day. He has no real memory of what happened on that day. It may be that his recollection was affected by alcohol. He did also sustain a head injury. He wants now, in effect, to never drink again.”

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