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Heathway’s Lloyds bank closure

lloyds bank closure

Lloyds’ bank on Dagenham Heathway – RM10 8QS – is closing on 23rd April 2023. The closure comes as a wave of banks have closed in the area, such as Barclays and Halifax. Residents’ alternative branch is in Barking.

The bank have experienced an average of a 60% drop in in-person banking at their branches. This is partially the result of the pandemic, as many customers were forced to acclimatise to digital services and have since continued to use those.

Many local residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the wave of branch closures in Heathway in recent times. There is still a culture of residents who see in-person banking as a key part of their financial lives.

A spokesperson has said: “Branches play an important part in our strategy but we need to have them in the right places, where they are well-used. We’ll continue to invest in branches that are being used regularly, alongside our online, mobile app and telephone services.”

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