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Hoodies ‘banned’ in Romford to combat anti-social behaviour

Romford bans hoodies

Hoodies, helmets, or ski masks that obscure facial identification have been banned in Romford to assist the Metropolitan Police to combat anti-social behaviour. Romford has experienced a sharp increase in criminal activity over the last few months.

Havering Council, the Met, and local businesses collaborated over the rules and they came into force on April 18th. The rules also apply to delivery drivers, but not those that wear face coverings for health or religious reasons.

Councillor Ray Morgon, leader of Havering Council, said: “We work closely with all our partners in looking at how we can help make the borough safer to live, work, visit and go to school in.

We want to look at ways in which we can work towards the prevention of anti-social behaviour and reducing it. Making our residents and visitors feel safer will also help encourage them to shop locally and help our businesses thrive.”

You will see posters around Romford to help share information about the new rules, and business’ security teams within the area have all been briefed on the change. Any in breach of the rules will be escorted from the premises or area immediately, and if necessary, police will be called.

Julie Frost, Romford Business Improvement District (BID) director, said: “I really hope that this initiative makes visitors feel safer – knowing throughout the town there are measures in place to deter anti-social behaviour and prevent crime.

Working together we are determined to restore people’s confidence and ensure the town is a welcoming and enjoyable place to live, work and visit.”

Tom Stobbart, The Liberty manager, said: “Anti-social behaviour has a detrimental impact on our communities, making people feel unsafe in their neighbourhoods.

“We are working together to instigate change and hopefully get to the causes of some anti-social behaviour and help prevent some crimes from happening.”

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