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Hornchurch’s Hossain resigns after ‘calling black student n**** in racial outburst’

Mohammed Babor Quibria Hossain

Mohammed Babor Quibria Hossain, formerly employed at Sanders Draper School, Hornchurch, has resigned and faced a misconduct hearing for a racially profane outburst directed at students in May 2022.

Mohammed Babor Quibria Hossain instructed the secondary school students to “just shut the f**k up and sit down,”you take the p**s you absolute n***a” and “your parents might beat you up, I know that”. This was while banging on a classroom table in a violent and intimidating manner.

The event was captured on tape, and Hossain apologised to his line manager and the school. He was subsequently suspended and the following day he tendered his resignation.

On April 13, a panel of the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) gathered to hear the facts of the case and decide whether Mr Hossain should be permitted to continue working as a teacher.

The panel highlighted that this was Hossain’s first teaching position, and that he completed part of his teacher training during the coronavirus pandemic.

They believed that the fact that he trained remotely may have contributed to his outburst.

According to the evaluation, Mr Hossain had an excellent history before this incident, which was strengthened by six character references that testified to his dedication to wider society and how he felt following what happened.

Mohammed Babor Quibria Hossain was based at Sanders Draper School
Sanders Draper School, Hornchurch

John Knowles, head of the Teacher Qualification Unit, said: “The panel noted that following the event, Mr Hossain was immediately forthcoming to both the school and to the TRA in their investigations.

“Mr Hossain admitted the allegations without reservation prior to the school’s investigation, apologised numerous times and promptly took steps following the event to minimise escalation by speaking to his line manager and the school.”

While the panel determined that Mr Hossain’s behaviour fell well short of the standards required of a teacher, they chose not to exclude him from the profession.

Mr Knowles said: “Given that the nature and severity of the behaviour were at the less serious end of the possible spectrum and, having considered the mitigating factors that were present, the panel determined that a recommendation for a prohibition order would not be appropriate in this case.”

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