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Ibrahim ‘stabbed ex-girlfriend 18 times’ near Hornchurch bank

Robin Ibrahim

Robin Ibrahim, 28, of Brock Place, Tower Hamlets, has been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment after he attacked his ex-girlfriend in a vicious, calculated act of anger outside a bank in High Street, Hornchurch.

Robian Ibrahim lured his ex-girlfriend to a bank in Hornchurch after promising to provide her with some money. He then walked her to a car park in Billet Lane, and as they both entered the area, he pulled out a knife and viciously attacked her as she fell to the side of her parked car.

Ibrahim stabbed her a total of 18 times before horrified bystanders bravely intervened. She was later rushed to hospital and had emergency surgery, where she is still recovering.

He pled guilty to murder and possession of an offensive weapon at Basildon Crown Court.

Detective Constable Ollie Jones said: “Ibrahim lied to his ex-girlfriend saying he had the substantial amount of money he owed her so she would agree to meet him.

“He then subjected her to a brutal, sustained attack where he stabbed her 18 times. I believe Ibrahim would’ve continued his savage attack had members of the public, including the victim’s sister, not rushed to her aid and detained Ibrahim until the police arrived.

“Aware of how dangerous Ibrahim was, officers from the East Area’s Public Protection team and CID worked together to carry out fast-time enquiries to gather enough evidence for him to be charged.

“Ibrahim eventually realised the overwhelming evidence against him and that he had no option but to plead guilty to his heinous crime.

“I would like to commend the victim for the bravery she has shown throughout. I hope Ibrahim being jailed for a substantial amount of time gives her a small part of closure.

“I’d also like to praise the members of the public for the courage they showed in rushing to the victim’s aid on the day, preventing her from enduring further injuries or worse.”

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