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Ilford officer ‘refused rape victim’s statement and ordered that she go home’

Ilford Police Station rape victim

At Ilford police station, an officer told a woman who came forward to say she had been raped, that she was simply “drunk”. He then refused to action her crime report, the Metropolitan Police Service has openly admitted.

The victim described her ordeal, that an unfamiliar man spiked her drink, raped her, and held her prisoner in his car. When she was eventually released she screamed for a passing car to stop and pleaded that the driver take her straight to Ilford police station.

She went out with some mates in Birmingham, and one minute she was with them, and another minute she was suddenly waking up in the back of an unknown car with an unfamiliar man driving in the front. After ‘the way her body felt and the state of her clothes’ she knew she had been raped.

She checked the time and realised there was a gap of about 6 hours. The man also refused to let her leave.

“I felt paralysed,” she said. “I couldn’t move.”

“He said to give him my money and he would take me home”. Because she had no cash the man ordered her to do an online bank transfer, meaning he also then had her personal details.

Her rapist demanded that she give him ongoing directions to her home address from Birmingham, and she believes this was a ruse to give him her home address as a way of instilling fear. When he finally let her out she ‘didn’t want to go home as she could see him following her and wouldn’t give up’.

Ilford police station refused Mindy's statement
Mindy is in her 20s //CHARLESTHOMSON

Eventually, she said: “I screamed for help in the middle of the road and a car stopped. They took me to the police station.”

When the officer turned her away, she got another taxi back and when it got to her local area, the man was still waiting around in his vehicle.

 “I was hiding on the floor of the taxi,” she said. “Then I hid in a neighbour’s driveway until I thought it was safe.”

Ilford police station

The male officer designated to handle her matter said to her: “Go home. You’re just drunk.”

Days prior to Baroness Casey deeming the Metropolitan Police institutionally racist, misogynistic, and homophobic, a professional standards investigator upheld Mindy’s complaint.

“As a victim of crime who attended a police station to report a serious offence, I can only imagine the lasting effect this may have had on you,” he wrote.

“Your allegation of a crime should have been taken seriously in 2019. For that reason I determine that the service provided was not acceptable. I sincerely apologise on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service.”

However, the officer will not face disciplinary action because attempts to identify which officer handled her rape allegation on that day failed despite “extensive efforts”, and the staff logs from that day have ‘gone missing’.

Despite handing over her alleged rapist’s personal information which she obtained due to the bank transfer he forced her to make, West Midlands Police have not been able to file criminal charges because they lost the chance to gather crucial evidence.

“This is so serious, what they’ve done,” said Mindy. “The amount of women that get murdered – they need to be held accountable.”

She has not ruled out legal action against the Met.

“I don’t want them to get away with this,” she said.

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