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Ilford’s Ali ‘murdered grandmother in her bed days after hospital release’

Subell Ali

Subell Ali, 34, of Landseer Avenue, Ilford, killed his grandmother, Somtera Bibi, 80, by stabbing her twenty times in her bed and has been handed a hospital order.

Subell’s mother heard a “terrible scream” and ran downstairs to find her mother in a very distressed state. Her daughter, Seema, called 999 and explained that her brother was a paranoid schizophrenic who had come off of his medication.

She told them: “He wants to run out of the house. He might hurt somebody. He’s really angry as well.” Subell told his mother that he killed his grandmother because somebody called ‘Shahin Janah’ ordered him to “go and kill her quickly”.

Police attended and quickly found Subell Ali at a bus stop on Dersingham Avenue, Ilford, and he was still wearing a jumper with Bibi’s blood on it.

At Forest Gate police station he told officers: “Someone told me to do this. Why would I do that to my own nan?”

Subell Ali killed her at an address on Landseer Avenue //GOOGLE

On March 30th a judge sentenced him to an indefinite hospital order under section 37 and 42 of the mental health act, and he was deemed unfit to enter a plea therefore the motive for the murder has never be discovered.

In 2020, Ali was detained under the Mental Health Act after talking to police and claiming that he was being told to “stab people”, and the attack on his grandmother comes just 2 days after being released.

Ali had been detained under the Mental Health Act in 2020 after approaching police in Brick Lane and saying that people had been telling him to “stab people”. Judge Philip Katz KC said it is “troublesome” that Ali had only just been let out of hospital at the time of the attack on Ms Bibi.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Whellams, said: “Our thoughts today are with the family and friends of Somtera, who they lost in such terrible circumstances. I would like to thank my team for their hard work and diligence in what has been a complex and harrowing investigation.”

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